The History of TribalFury

How TribalFury Started
TribalFury first started around December 2004 as a guild website for the guild I was part of in Conquer Online, aptly named, TribalFury.

The original site was something I made in frontpage during my free time at college, and whilst it worked, it was a frontpage template and therefore not the greatest looking site.

Because of this I decided I would actually start learning HTML, and build a site from scratch. I’d been using Paint Shop Pro 8 on the college computers to create some graphics for using on online forums in my free time, so I decided to design the template on there, and then build the site to match it.

Because I had just started learning HTML, I created the site using tables for the layout, and the result wasn’t too bad, however, there were some display issues with different browsers that I couldn’t solve.

I kept the site like that since the display issues didn’t interfer with the functionality, and I had exams and coursework to get done.

The Next Stage

The site was basically abandoned for a few months over the summer as I was focusing first on exams, and then on the holidays. When term started again I had started exploring photoshop for graphics work and designing templates, and due to extensive practice, the results were looking better and better.

I finally decided to redo the site again, and designed a template for it in photoshop. However, this time instead of using frontpage or tables to create the site, I had a friend help me create the site using CSS.

My friend did most of the coding for the new
site, and I was really pleased with the result, and therefore started to learn how to use CSS and the relating HTML.

The first couple of sites I created after the new look on my site were based on the template for my site, but with different graphics, and some modifications to the CSS code. By this stage I was becoming happy with how to use CSS, and my photoshop skills were improving constantly.

The Final Step

In the summer of 2006 I finished college and started a gap year before I headed of to University. I decided to further increase my knowledge of CSS and HTML, and started to experiment with incorprating some javascript into menus and the such.

I also had started experimenting with creating templates for phpBB and invisionfree. However, it didn’t take me long to drop invisionfree, as I decided I much prefered phpBB.

During this time I had redone the graphics on my sites template to make them smoother, as well as creating a site and matching forum skin for an alliance on another game I had started playing.

Around October (2006) I started to think of creating a new, more professional, template for the site, and perhaps setting myself up as a freelance web designer. After spending hours with photoshop and sorting out coding, I finally settled on my final design, created on the 18th December, to be the new look for my site.

This is the result.

Added: 21/12/06